Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jiggle Bells Jiggle Bells


My title says it all, it is that festive, drinking, bad food eating time of year & i am so glad that Mish's program is my light at the end of the tunnel...a long tunnel, but it is there!

The program kicks of 12th Feb 12 and I am going to do exercise 6 days a week until kick of, allow myself two days off thankfully they both happen to be a Sunday and.....Xmas & New Years,,,how convenient :)

Well very excited, feeling anious I just honestly wish it was starting sooner...

Look out 2012, the new me will be revealed


Friday, August 19, 2011

Dress Room Dilemma... :(

why in the hell I chose today to try on some bather's I will never know but i left the shops feeling so sad I just about was awful!

but, you know what made it worse, I washed it away with a kaluah & milk. spagetti bog and a few girlfriends...oh no

This whole comfort food situation has had Heavy Consequences...and let me tell you, there aint nothing light about my cellulite,,,as I found out today under bright ligts and a full length mirror :(

however, on a positive note it has definitely given me the motivation to make the most of my 12wbt programme and be everything I know I can be!!

so goodbye, wine, unhealthy foods & here's to jogging away my jiggles,,,,starting NOW!!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kick Start The Pound Barrier!

OK so I am kick starting the pound barrier and have just joined Michelle Bridges 12wbt!

This is my second round of the 12wbt and I am determined to do it to the end this time! I have decided to once agin go with the advanced lean & strong programme and although I only completed 6 weeks last time my results were fantastic dropping Around 4.5% BF!!

Why 6 weeks may you ask...?? well.....I had surgery.....but, before you say, oh no...It was elective & after years of empty tube socks that hung from my post baby body I decided, stuff it, my hard earned cash is going back in to me!

So now I have the titties but there aint no way I'm showing the rest of my kaboo with out some work on it! so here's to the 12wbt...WOO HOO!!

Till next time, let your contour be your guide..